Robots (part 1)

Recently the pupils in the Senior Room have been working on a construction project. They have to design a robot, which is pleasing to the eye, with a minimum height of 40cm and a minimum width of 30cm. The robot has to made out of recyclable material, mainly cardboard and plastic. Then the pupils will cover their model with many layers of papier mache. This layering of papier mache will take many weeks of work.

robot 1

Their Mission: To design and build a robot out of recylcable material.

The Conditions
1. The robot must be free standing.
2. Minimum height 40cm, minimum width 30cm.
3. The main materials used must be recyclable.
4. The finished product must be painted and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
5. There must be a small typed report accompanying the robot.


robot 13  robot 4

To give each other a helping hand is very important!

Working in a group is very important and the pupils had to keep these rules in mind when working in their groups.

1. Everyone is important in the group
2. Use the strengths of each member of the team
3. Everyone’s opinion is important
4. Everyone must agree on the final plans
5. Nobody should feel isolated or left out
6. We should say “Sorry” if we have upset a member of our team
7. Give credit where credit is due



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