Engineer Week February 2015

engineers week

Engineer Week 9th -13th February 2015

This week, we learned what an engineer is, a person who makes things, using scientific knowledge, maths etc. They design materials, structures, come up with solutions to make like a better place and easier place to live in. The word engineer comes from the Latin words that mean devise and cleverness.

P1010053 P1010052

Pat McCormack a mechanical and chemical came in our school today. He is a past parent of the school and an engineer. He gave them a fantastic insight to the working brain of an engineer. He explained an engineer must first understand how the world is put together then secondly figure out how to change it. He explained that engineers first came to prominence 200 years ago with the Industrial Revolution and the invention of the Spinning Jenny. He explained that even thought this was a great invention at the time it was a very dangerous one and that the next step was to change the invention, to better it, to make it safer for all concerned.

He talked to them about Anousheh Ansari, a very famous engineer, who at an early age fled Iran for the USA with her family.

He then went on to talk to the pupils about what electricity is, he explained circuits and conductors.  He told them that the word conductor means “being led through”.

P1010057         P1010064

P1010059 P1010061

He showed them some simple experiments and after wards the pupils attempted the same experiments.  Everyone enjoyed the morning and we hope to see Pat back in the classroom soon with more electrical experiments.

He talked to the pupils about engineers looking after our world and us looking after the world. One way is by using recyclable batteries because it costs more to get rid of one than it does to actually make one.


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