Our Science Day in Bandon Grammar School

Today we went to Bandon Grammar for a Science Morning. The session was divided into 2 parts, the first was doing experiments and the second was in the pop-up planetarium. 5th years were organizing the morning and our school guide was Pippa and she was very friendly and helpful.

First we went to the room with all the science experiments. We went to the Biology section and saw a sheep’s heart being dissected, some of our pupils were very brave and touched it. Then we went to the Chemistry area and a 5th year student did a simple experiment by mixing two solutions together and showing us the solution clouding up. Then we moved on to the Physics section and we first looked at mirrors and lenses and the effect of them up close to our eyes and what we see when they are far away.

After that, was one of the most exciting parts of the morning. We went into a dark room and we were shown laser beam light, how to reflect it back using a mirror and how to split it into many beams. Then the pupils got to move across the room by going over and under a number of light beams crossing over each other. They tried not to touch them. It was a bit like a scene out of “Mission Impossible”

The pupils then moved on to the microscopes and mini insects. The Agricultural section was next where the 5th year students showed the different types of tractors and working vehicles on a farm. Their display also included milk and a variety of pictures of different types of cows found on our farms.

The last experiment was very exciting. The 5th year student mixed food colouring and washing-up liquid together in a jar. Then she added in hydrogen peroxide followed by potassium iodine. very soon after that, there was a reaction, the pupils saw bubbling foam and lots of heat coming out of the jar.

For our second part of the morning we moved to another part of the school to a pop-up planetarium, called an “Exploration Dome”. We all sat inside this blue, igloo-like dome and we watched a spectacular show of planets, stars and early life.

It was a fantastic morning and the pupils were the envy of the rest of the school when they returned to school for the afternoon. We would like to thank the staff and 5th year students of Bandon Grammar for a splendid day.

It was also great to meet some past pupils, Ryan and Alyson in 5th year and Aoife who just started in 1st year this year.


P1090639  P1090645

P1090649      P1090656

P1090652   P1090651

P1090657   P1090663


P1090664 P1090665

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