Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind


On Friday we had a visit from Nat who trains guide dogs for The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind in Bishopstown. She and another dog trainer brought 3 beautiful guide dogs into our school, Sandy, Oreo and Peggy. They were extremely well behaved. The pupils learnt all about the job of a guide dog, all the different people involved in rearing and training a dog from the time its 12 weeks old to when it is a fully fledged guide dog.

The pupils learnt that it is very important not to distract a guide dog, by calling it, whistling for it or tempting it with food, as it could distract the dog from its work and put its owner in danger. They also learnt not to rub a guide dog with out asking the owners permission first, (this goes for all dogs).

The pupils got to rub the 3 dogs at the end of the talk, well more than rub………… some dogs got cuddles, some got belly rubs and some got hugged to death!!

The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind have their own special visit from Santa this year see their site for more details.



P1090600  P1090603 P1090606 P1090613 P1090617  P1090620

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