Fun on the Beach

beach trip sept14 133

beach trip sept14 017  beach trip sept14 060

We went to the beach today, the weather took a little time to clear but when it did it was glorious. We brought our lunches and had a picnic. The pupils spent 3 hours exploring the rock pools¸ streams and the sea edge to find loads of fish, shells and crabs.

From the youngest to the oldest including the staff, it was heads down, bottoms up and nets to the ready.  It was a great educational morning, they found loads of tiny mussels clinging to the rocks among shell encrusted limpets. They found lots of different types and sizes of crabs. The hermit crab was Miss Walsh’s favourite.

Sue Blake and Mr Grainger were on hand to help us and they had seashore identification books to identify all our finds. The pupils found starfish, shrimp, goby fish and sea anemones, some of the pupils were very lucky to see a jellyfish.

beach trip sept14 093

beach trip sept14 118beach trip sept14 119beach trip sept14 127beach trip sept14 135

beach trip sept14 102beach trip sept14 103

beach trip sept14 057beach trip sept14 050

beach trip sept14 033beach trip sept14 161

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