Aladdin in Trouble

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It’s come to that time again, when the school prepares for its annual big musical play. This is our third year doing this, with each more successful than the one before. We have done, “The Wind in the Willows” and “Alice in Wonderland”, this year it’s “Aladdin in Trouble”. “Aladdin in Trouble” is not a serious story line, it is a comedy, full of jokes,and puns and “great one liners”.

This week the school is overflowing with creativity, (chaos and mayhem), songs, dance and the squeals of Widow Twankey as she rants and raves, throwing strops all over the stage!

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The school community has really shown its warmth and spirit for the school. We have had a prop morning where many parents came in and gave assistance in creating props for the play. We have had a sewing afternoon, where people have turned up with their sewing machines and just sat and sewed, chatted and laughed. One room in the school has become the props room and another the costume room.


We have past pupils turning up time and time again to help out. One of these being a past student from last year, Ellen Fox, whose help this week has been invaluable and it feels like she never left us. We seemed to have gained a resident seamstress, Andrea, who has turned up every day this week to help with the costumes. Shia is one of our artistic parents, who can turn an empty piece of card into a most wonderful prop. She has given us a whole week of her time to perfect the props.

props sign

The play is directed by Sue, who also teaches the singing and the choreography. She has a fantastic way of turning something ordinary into something special. The school is very lucky and very, very appreciative of all this help and assistance.

Doing a musical is a great way to keep the focus of the pupils leading up to the end of the year, its away from the books but it is still on the curriculum, incorporating many subjects not just Drama.

Next week the school will move up to Gaggin Hall for most of the week, working up to the big performance on Thursday night . We are also very thankful to the committee of Gaggin Hall and Gaggin Dramatic Society for allowing us to use their hall and their lighting arrangements and sound system.

Everybody  welcome.


Aladdin and Jasmine invite you to an Evening of Fun and Laughter

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“Aladdin in Trouble”

Presented by Desertserges National School

At Gaggin Hall on Thursday June 19th at 8pm

Admission  : Adults €5 Children/Students €2

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