Our Fantastic Nature Trail Day

calvins nature day 014


Today we went on a nature trail with Calvin Jones from http://www.irelandswildlife.com. He is a wealth of knowledge and has a great way with children. We left the school early in the morning and walked up to Kilcolman Fishery.

calvins nature day 013

This beautiful area of land, full of trees, birds and animals, gave us five very different habitats, the garden, the pond, the hedgerow, the wood and the river. The pupils were able to compare and contrast each habitat with another. We especially focused on birds today and tried to see, among others,  the house sparrow, the “dunnock” (old name “hedge Sparrow”), the robin, and the blue tit.

calvins nature day 017 calvins nature day 019

calvins nature day 023   calvins nature day 026

It was great to see so many tadpoles in the pond. and to learn that badgers use trees for sharpening their claws and looking for food, We saw an otter’s holt beside the River Bandon. We also saw a wasp’s empty nest and the shell of a little blue speckled egg. the pupils learnt why the dandelion has got its name and what makes a nettle really sting.

calvins nature day 032    calvins nature day 038

One of the important things that the adults learnt today was to not be so immaculate with your lawn. leave a patch un-weeded, because it is a habitat, it attracts wildlife, encourages seed dispersion and very importantly it helps with the food chain.

The pupils learnt so much and really enjoyed the day. many thanks to Pat and David for allowing us to come and visit their farm and to Angie and Steve for their warmth and hospitality in allowing us to us their home as our base camp for the day.

calvins nature day 048

A big thank you to Calvin for explaining the mysteries of nature. A fantastic day was had by all.

calvins nature day 031       calvins nature day 035


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