Dog Food and Cat Food Wanted

animal shelter dog 5

Most of us have pets. Sometimes they are very sweet and lovable and other times they drive us nuts because they want to do they own thing their own way. They want to play ball for the 100th time. They want to go out just as they have just come in. They will not move over on the couch. But we love them and would not be without them.

pets 2

We love our pets. They are part of our family. They love to do things with us and go places with us.

 dogs playing     dogs playing 2

dogs in the car

Some of our pets are not with us anymore, but still are part of our hearts

dogs  tombstone

Some pets are not as fortunate as ours. Some pets don’t  have families that love them. Some pets are not wanted. Some pets are abandoned.

animal shelter dog2    animal shelter dog 9animal shelter dog1

Many of these pets end up in animal shelters.Sometimes female dogs have puppies and they are not wanted. Sometimes little pups grow into very big dogs and the  owners can’t cope.

animal shelter dog 6

These animal shelters, look after these dogs and cats. they feed and house them. They have a vet check them out.

 vet4     vet3vet 5

Sometimes they receive lots of funding to help with their rescue centre. Sometimes they are smaller don’t get the recognition and help they need.

animal shelter dog 11

 So they need help from the local community. This is how we can help.

 We are gathering dog and cat food and treats over the next 2 weeks for our local animal shelter. You can bring in a can of dog or cat food, or a bag of dried food and put it in the big tub in the hall. Neighbours, relatives, friends etc may contribute too if they wish.

animal food 1      animal food 3

All animals need to be treated well, imagine if your dog or cat got lost for a few days and ended up in the animal shelter until you could find him. Wouldn’t you like to know that he/she was well looked after and that they had enough food to eat.

animal shelter dog 8Give your dog or cat an extra treat today.I am sure he/she is very thankful to have found a home like yours but I am also sure that you are very thankful to have your pet!

animal food 6

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