Our Mothers

The senior pupils of Desertserges National School have written this poem together for their mothers, each sentence is personal and special to them.

 mum 7

Our mothers are the best, better than all the rest!


They cook, they clean, they collect us,

They keep our houses spick and span,

They look after us, they wipe our noses,

They clean our cuts and bruises.

They make fantastic soups, vegetable and leek and potato too

They make amazing birthday cakes,

Their baking is yummy, from chocolate cakes to drizzle cakes

To cookies and buns and tarts.

They make the best stews and Sunday roasts,

Their mashed potatoes are soft and fluffy,

Their weekend frys are the best.

They work in the garden, making it neat and colourful

They work on the farm too, giving a hand to everyone,

They drive us to art, gymnastics and music classes

And rugby, hockey and tae-kwon-do too.

Our mums are very artistic, drawing and making things for us and for school,

They help us with our homework, even if they find Irish difficult, they still try,

They do the shopping and lift all the heavy groceries into the house.

Our mums are the first people up in the morning and the last to bed at night.

They comfort, protect and look after us.


Our mothers are just the best, better than all the rest!


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