The Winter Olympics

sochi 1 sochi 2

The Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia, was 17 action-packed days with over 85 countries taken part. It was watched by over 3 billion television viewers. They got to know the 3 Olympic mascots, the leopard, the hare and the polar bear.

Everybody in the school from the youngest pupil to the oldest, learnt about the Winter Olympics in Sochi. They did lots of activities on the Olympics, map work, worksheets, puzzles, activities etc. At the end of the fortnight each child went home with a booklet full of all their work.

The pupils got to learn about all the winter events from snowboarding to the luge, from the bobsleigh to the skeleton. many showed an interest in the biathlon as it combined shooting and skiing. others showed an interest in the curling.The halfpipe and the freestyle snowboarding was spectacular, as was short speed skating.

We had 5 Irish athletics competing in the Winter Olympics. They did us very proud.  It is great to know that a tiny country like ours with no snow or proper skiing facilities can produce athletes of Olympic standard, because of this, they live and train in other countries which have these facilities.

The Winter Olympics will be followed by the Paralympic Winter Games in March.

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