Our Swiss Teacher

Tamara, a lovely teacher from Switzerland came to work in our school for two weeks.  She was a teaching assistant for the senior classes. She helped out with Maths, English, Art, Science and PE.

She gave a great afternoon teaching the children about Switzerland, She had a lovely presentation and talked to them about the mountains, rivers and lakes. She spent time talking about skiing in the mountains, the clothes skiers wear, the gear they must pack in the rucksacks and most importantly she talked about an avalanche locator, She linked her lesson to the Winter Olympics and the sports events which Switzerland were taking part in and were good at. She explained how athletes train in the summer for the long distant skiing events. She got the pupils to listen to the different languages spoken in Switzerland.

Tamara got the pupils to research the Irish connect with St. Gallen, a Swiss city. Sant Gall, an Irish monk was born in Ireland 550 and died in Switzerland around 645. He helped spread Christianity to western Europe. Switzerland celebrates his feast day on October 16th.

Tamara   was a great asset to the school while she was with us and was greatly missed when she left.

valentine and tamara 026

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