Our Marble Runs

jan 2-14 004

As part of our entrepreneur project, the pupils from 2nd class to 6th were divided into 3 art groups. Over three weeks they had to design and make a marble run. They were only allowed to use paper, cardboard and pvc glue to make the marble run and then they painted them. Each individual in the group had to learn to work well together, to give and take, to listen to others and their ideas, etc The classroom was in a state of mess for 3 weeks as the groups got down to work, with scraps of paper all over the place, but it was all worth it as 3 fine works of art were completed and everyone felt they had achieved something special.

The three marble runs were called :

“CAYO” (designed by Gavin, Aoife, Maya, Amber, Amanda and Andrew)

“The Leaning H” (designed by Cameron, Joshua, Sol, Fionn and Christopher)

“The Confusion” (designed by Thomas, Melissa, Hannah, Sam and Sapphire)



jan 2-14 010  engineer and glenilen 011 engineer and glenilen 010 engineer and glenilen 020

“The Leaning H”

jan 2-14 008  engineer and glenilen 002   engineer and glenilen 029   engineer and glenilen 015

“The Confusion” 

jan 2-14 012      jan 2-14 005


engineer and glenilen 008engineer and glenilen 014

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