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Today Alan Kingston, from Glenilen Farm came to visit our school.  He was part of our JEP project and talked to the pupils about what being an entrepreneur means.

He got the pupils to do a little game. He divided all of them into 5 groups, farmers, strawberry growers, a label making company, a jar making company and a lid making company. He got the farmers to go to each company and negotiate a deal with them for their products, so that the farmer got a good deal and the companies were not ripped off. It is important to maintain good relations with companies that you deal with as you will need to go back to them again.

The farmers then had all their products to go ahead and make their yoghurts. They first put on their hair nets for health and safety and started to make their yoghurts.  Firstly by putting a strawberry compote in the bottom of each jar, this was followed by natural yoghurt (made on the farm). Then the lid is put firmly on the yoghurt jar and after that the label is stuck firmly on it. While this was happening many other pupils were offering their assistance for “experience”, which is something that happens in real life, people offering themselves to work for free for work experience.  This was also something the pupils thought about.

The pupils had a brilliant day and got to have the yoghurt afterwards for their lunch.

engineer and glenilen 070        engineer and glenilen 075

engineer and glenilen 079 engineer and glenilen 080

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