Maya and Elana in Israel

israel map   israel flag

2 students from our school went to Israel over the Christmas Holidays. When they came back they gave us a lovely presentation of their trip. They showed the whole school pictures of their trip.

Israel is bordered by Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan and the Palestinian territories to the east, and Egypt and the Gaza Strip to the southwest.

They showed us pictures of Hermon, their highest mountain, the Negev Desert, Bet Yanai Beach and the Jordan Estuary. Actually it was very interesting to discover that 2/3’s of Israel is desert.

We saw ancient ruins of a Hirbet Samara and the Tel Arsuf, which goes back to the time of the crusaders. They also showed pictures of people in traditional dress. She explained that her grandmother lived in a Kibbutz and showed us a picture of one.

Maya showed us how to write her name in both Hebrew and Arabic. She had pendant around her neck with the Star of David on it and showed us the same symbol on the national flag of Israel.

Then Maya took out her treasure throve of goodies.  She had some sheqels (Israeli money) and  two flint stones and a large crystal stone. They also brought in some pecan nuts and both girls showed us how to open the nuts by rolling two nuts together. They also had some lovely Halva. Halva means dessert or “sweet”. This halva had pistachio nuts in it. The pupils in the school got to eat the nuts and the Halva.

Thank you very much Maya and Elana for sharing with us. jan 2-14 016    jan 2-14 015jan 2-14 018       jan 2-14 019

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