junior entrepreneur programme

This term the pupils in the senior room are talking on the JEP (Junior Entrepreneur Programme) for 10 weeks.  It is a great, exciting time for us. The pupils are able to carry on from their business project before Christmas to now develop a new idea, a project etc .  it is a cross between Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice for kids.

JEP –  is an entrepreneurial awareness and skills enhancement programme for Primary School children. The programme aims to help children recognise enterprise and entrepreneurship and to foster an awareness and understanding of the entrepreneur’s role in the community, therefore empowering the child to start to think and act with the initiative, creativity and independence that are invaluable in the modern world. The programme is embedded in the principles of the Primary School Curriculum and utilises an integrated teaching and project-based approach to teach many strands of the Primary Curriculum.

Week 1 : The pupils had to explore what an entrepreneur is, then they had to identify celebrity entrepreneurs, match the entrepreneur with their success. See if you can identify the entrepreneurs down below.

entrenpreneur walt disney  entrepreneur alan sugar  entrepreneur oprah winfrey

entrenpreneuer ben and jerry   entrenpreneur coco-Chanel

Week 2 : The pupils spent quite a lot of time this week developing their individual projects, researching and writing up on it. They had 2 practise runs with other members of staff to get the feel of presenting their work to a third party and to accept direction.


Week 3 : the pupils presented their projects to three Dragons. It was a very official day. Each pupil had a poster showing their project and information cards.  They spent 2 minutes explaining about their project and then they got asked the hard realistic questions by the three Dragons, about project materials, pricing, who the project is aimed for, how it could be adapted for other age groups etc .

Dragons den

Then after each pupil presented their projects (which are all on view at the school), the pupils left her room and the three Dragons had the hard decision. They had to pick one for the school to move forward with, to research, to price, to develop etc

1 thought on “JEP

  1. i love jep it was really fun. so i wasn’t picked i’ll get over it, let’s move on with OUR project as Mrs Sweeney says

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