Our Carol Service

The pupils of Desertserges National School and Ballymoney School put on a lovely carol service in St. Bartholomew’s Church, Kinneigh last Sunday.

It went very well with a mixture of readings, collects and intercessions, which were read by both schools. Then the pupils sang two songs on their own at the top of the church, “Come and Join the Celebration” and “See Him lying on a Bed of Straw”

We had refreshments served by the parents afterwards.

We were very thankful to Harold and his family for heating up the church for us on Friday for the rehearsal and also for setting up the refreshments on Sunday morning.

The tower beside the church is very famous. It is the only tower in Ireland to stand on a hexagonal base.  The tower dates back to 1014 AD. The present church building was finished in 1856.

Here is the church bible dating back to 1855.

IMG_2301  IMG_2273

IMG_2226  IMG_2231

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