Christmas Crafts

The last week of school before Christmas is a lovely week. Both pupils and teachers are tired, so a break from the norm is needed. We are a school that loves art and crafts, so it’s great to spend time making them, relaxing and chatting.

First we made calendars, three different types were made. The juniors made a kennel and scottie dog. The middle classes made “Harry the Dirty Dog” and the seniors took on a complicated project of 3 newspaper dogs.

The pupils also made window plates. The juniors made reindeer ones and the middle and senior groups made a penguin plate.

The juniors also made lovely snowmen and candle jigsaws, while the other classes made mini angels for the Christmas tree.

christmas crafts 1 040

christmas crafts 1 027 christmas crafts 1 029 christmas crafts 1 039

christmas crafts 1 025

christmas crafts 1 012      christmas crafts 1 015 christmas crafts 1 016 christmas crafts 1 020

 photo little angelschristmas crafts 1 033

christmas crafts 1 043 christmas crafts 1 049

christmas crafts 1 042

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