Our Mini Business Projects

Each student in the senior room has spent a month designing a mini business. They had to invent a company and design a front page describing their business.They then had to design an “open page” for their business and after that, they had to design business cards.

The project was to develop their computer skills,learn how to layout a project and how to continue a logo/layout from page to page. They learnt how to pick the best colours for their business cards, how to pick the best backing colour for their project.

They also had to learn to be specific with their information, cut back on what was not needed and highlight the important points. Doing the project was harder than the pupils anticipated.

There was great classroom spirit while doing the work, the pupils helped each other with putting it together,  researching information, working on the headings, picking images and logos etc

This is the list of Mini projects completed in the school this term:: 

Chalet B&B,

The Cherry on Top (cakes,desserts, ice cream, sweet shop)

The Nighty Night Shop (night clothing shop)

Gold and Silver (pawn shop)

Cameron’s Garage

Atkinson Machinery & Parts

Helen’s Garage Parts and Tractor Sales

Hair Flair (mobile Hairdressers)

Jungle Pet Shop

Moon Wave Stables

The How’s She Cutting Crew (creating unique gardens)

Plemmet Office Supplies

Print Shirts (making personalising tshirts)

West Cork Fly Fishing Club.

business projects and christmas cards 010

More of the projects can be seen in the children’s work section.

christmas crafts 1 041

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