Halloween Art Work

The pupils worked hard this week in Art Class.

halloween art 010

Infants to Second Class made two pumpkin art pieces. The first was a pumpkin face they had to colour and cut out and then add a mouth, nose and eyes of their choice.Their second piece of art was to construct a 3D pumpkin from six pumpkin pieces and then stick them together and add a small stack. then they had to colour six pictures that showed the life cycle of the pumpkin and then stick  them on to the 6 sided pumpkin.

halloween art 001  halloween art 012

The Senior Room constructed a haunted house. They had to cut out the black, haunted house and score and then cut the windows and doors.  They then had to back it on to orange paper and colour a spooky picture in each door and window. The pupils then painted the background and cut out a witch passing in front of a moon and some bats. Then then put the whole scene together to make a spectacular scene.

halloween art 009

Any pupils who were finished early could colour in either a picture of a witch or a skull. these pictures were very effective.

All examples of the pupils’ art work can be seen on the section in this blog titled “Pupils’ Work”. Please have a look at all their Halloween art work.


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