Food Dudes

food dude 1

Phase One of Food Dudes is over, this part consisted of 16 days of eating fruit and vegetables in school every day. They also had talks and watched videos on the importance of fruit and vegetables for our bodies.

On day one the pupils had carrot sticks and raisins, the second day was bananas and peppers , the third day was cucumber and oranges, on the fourth day it was tomatoes and apples.  This process was repeated 3 more times.

The pupils received little rewards every day for eating their fruit and vegetables, like pencils, rubbers, sharpeners and pencil cases.  Today being day 16, was the best day for rewards. They got a water bottle and two little plastic mini lunch boxes to carry their own fruit and vegetables into school after half term.

Most of the daily fruit and vegetables went down a treat in class, the pupils absolutely loved carrots, cucumbers, oranges and bananas and raisins although tomatoes were a challenge at times.

Phase two moves from being school based to now being home based, this phases encourages the pupils to bring more fruit and vegetables into school on a daily bases.

To get into the Halloween mood, Miss Walsh painted faces on the oranges to make them look like mini pumpkins!

halloween 2 2103 001

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