Cheerio’s Breakfast Morning

cheerio childline

The pupils had a great morning, with many asking if they could do it again the next day! The staff of the school were great, helping out, cleaning up and having their own breakfast with the pupils.

The day before the pupils made a big, fresh fruit salad. They transformed the classroom into a dining room, It had an area for cereals, another one for toast and another one for fruit and yoghurt.

The pupils started off their morning with orange juice or apple juice. Then they had a choice of cereals, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes or Cheerios, lots came back for second helpings. After that, they could have a choice of fresh fruit salad or fat free strawberry yoghurt with granola and dark chocolate chips, many had both! Then there was loads of tea and toast. It was a great success, with many pupils trying new food and enjoying the new tastes.

During the morning we had a little talk about the work of Childline and how important the charity is to many children in Ireland.

photos 1403 photos 1406

photos 1408

photos 1410 photos 1411 photos 1412

Enjoying their cereal and listening for the “Snap, Crackle and Pop!”

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