Valentine’s Day Cards


With Valentine’s Day coming tomorrow, we have been busy, busy, busy making cards. The younger pupils made personalised cards for loved ones at home. Each child completed the card by writing a special message on the inside.



The younger pupils made these  “Puppy Love” pictures out of different heart shapes.  the puppy is eating his bone.

The older pupils spent the day cutting out hearts and making cards with them, one group made hedgehogs and the other group made sheep.

(a) Baby Hedgehog loves You. This little hedgehog is made up of lots and lots of tiny brown hearts and is so cute.


(b)  Love Ewe : This card is of a sheep made up of lovely white hearts.


SPHE : Trocaire : Mind the Gap (workshop one)

Friday 11th February : Niamh came into school and talked to us about the work of Trocaire and especially their workshop “Mind the Gap”. She started off by getting the pupils to play a couple of games. She had a map of the world and got us to focus on countries that we have visited and countries where we have family and friends.

She played a game. 8 students had to role play. They were workers in different parts of the world, they decided that with their first paycheque they would all buy the same camera.  For some in richer countries it would take them, 8 hours (1 day) to buy the camera. For others in poorer countries it would take months of work to buy the same camera.

Then we looked at our clothes label to check out where they were made. Most of our clothes were made in Asia, some even in Bangladesh.

Niamh showed us a video about travelling by rickshaws and tuktuks in Bangldesh. They she had us read a story with her “Farid’s Richshaw Ride”.

10 at 10

Friday 11th February :  On wet days, if we can’t get outside, we normally do 10 mins of exercise in the hall (including a warm-up and cool-down).  We decided to use our 10 mins on Friday as part of the 10@10 Operation Transformation Initiative for primary schools and join the 500,000 other primary students throughout the country doing fun exercises.  Here we are working away, staff and pupils together.

Safer Internet Day 2017


Tuesday 7th February : Safety Internet Day (SID 2017). We had an afternoon talking about internet safety.

We first started talking about our friends in real life, who they are and what they know about us. We then discussed how we can have “327 friends” on social media sites, but that these people are not real friends, just acquaintances, or friends of friends. It’s so important to set your settings correct when you’re venturing on to these sites for the first time, you need them to be private and for friends only, a small select number of friends. KEEP YOUR FRIENDS REAL


We discussed cyber-bullying and how a bad text or photo on the internet is like a tattoo, it can never be erased. You should never send a horrible text or photo as it will spread rapidly around the net and really upset the person it’s about. This is a form of bullying. Always us the rule, WOULD GRANNY LIKE IT?   If you take  a photo/send a text, would you show it to your granny first, if she would be happy then send the text/photo… if not get rid of it and don’t send it.


When you are on the internet, stay on the site you are on, don’t be tempted by flashing advertisements, or boxes telling you that you have won something. These are there to tempt you and you could get caught in a scam or get an internet virus this way. STAY DON’T STRAY.