Geography Trip to the Beach


Today we went to Inchadoney Beach. We travelled down by bus. We were very lucky to have the big beach all to ourselves. It was raining a little at first but then it cleared and the sun came out. The tide was turning and was coming back in, but we were able to get near to the end of the headland, to investigate the fullest rock pools.

We found limpets, mussels, clams and razor shells on the beach. In the rock pools we found many, many crabs.  We studied them, their size, their colour and then we put them back in their habitats. The rocks were covered in limpets and mussels and lots of different types of seaweed.









Unfortunately we didn’t find any starfish today. Our teacher had warned us not to go near jellyfish especially the blueish ones that are called “Man of War”. She had shown us pictures of them in class the day before the trip, so that we would know what to avoid.

And …………….. we found two, one blue and one pink one, we respected them and stayed away from them. Our teacher took pictures of them so we would have our own records of our finds.

We returned home, wet, exhausted but very happ1020857

Tag Rugby

childrens-rugbychildrens-rugbychildrens-rugby  childrens-rugby

Today we started our new school year of Tag Rugby training. Gareth will be our trainer this year, he is from New Zealand. He came to our school from Bandon RFC,  and he is training us under their Youth Development Programme.

Many pupils started rugby today for the first time and they all enjoyed the games he played with them, which were based on basic rugby skills.

Roald Dahl Day


Yesterday Roald Dahl was born 100 years ago. He is from Wales and has written some very famous children’s books like The Twits, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Danny Champion of the World, Fantastic Mr. Fox, George’s Marvelous Medicine, Esio Trot, Going Solo etc .


A lot of these books have been made into very successful films. Roald Dahl died in 1990.

Roald Dahl invented hundreds of new words found in his books, from words that describe things to words that are names of characters like Oompa-Loompas to whizzpopping, and from humplecrimp to whangdoodle.  The BFG  holds up a bottle of frobscottle, that says if you drink alot of this green fizzy drink you will end up whizpopping.


To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Roald Dahl, we looked at his books, recorded when they were first published and coloured in pictures of his fictional characters. We also read some of George’s Marvelous Medicine.  Quentin Blake worked along side Roald Dahl illustrating his books.


Uganda and Zambia and Habitat for Humanity


During RE class this week we learnt about building a church in Uganda with Habitat for Humanity. Our Teacher worked with Habitat for Humanity 6 years ago in Zambia  she went there with a group of transition students and some parents. She showed us lots of photos of her time in Zambia where she helped to build a house for a woman called Beatrice and her children. She showed us pictures of the houses she stayed in for two weeks, the type of food she ate and what they had to do to get water for a shower.


It was a big eye-opener. the scenery was beautiful, stark and clean. She showed us the house being built step by step. She had photos of animals she saw  n the area. We could not believe that the houses had such few rooms in comparison to our houses.

(photos to follow)

The Paralympics

The pupils in the Senior Room have been learning about the Rio Paralympics in school this week.  They are the second biggest sports competition after the Olympics. This year they will include 4350 athletes. 46 of which are Irish. Paralympics comes from the Greek prefix “para” which means beside or along side the Olympics (ie Parallel Olympics).

This year there will be 23 different sports, 18 of which are Olympic sports: Archery, Athletics (Track and Field), Wheelchair Basketball, Cycling Road, Cycling Track, Canoe Sprint, Equestrian, Wheelchair Fencing, soccer 5-a-side, soccer 7-a-side, Judo, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, and Rowing. The other four are Boccia, Goalball, Powerlifting, and Wheelchair Rugby.

We also looked at the two emblems, the Olympic one and the Paralympic one and coloured them in.  We coloured in a map of South America and found Brazil and marked in Rio.

rio-16-pic1    rio16-pic-2


Senior Room Art

During our first few weeks of school, we based our Art classes on animals.

(1) Newspaper Cute Dogs : We traced around a dog’s head and neck (our own individual designs) on to newspaper, then we tea dyed the newspaper. when it was dry we cut the two pieces out and placed them down on white card. Then we cut our ears, eyes, nose and dog spots out of black card and attacked it to our dogs. They looked very effective when they were finished.

(2) Cats! : Some pupils chose to do one cat while others chose to do two cats. you really had to concentrate when painting the cats in as they had loads of lines on their bodies and you were using opposing paint colours, others used colours which were lighter and darker than others etc the finished products were very impressive.

(photos to follow)

School’s Back

It’s great to be back at school.  We welcome back all our pupils and parents. Our pupils have grown so tall over the summer. We also welcome our new pupils and their parents. We have a new teacher this year joining us part time Mr. Murphy. We are also delight to have our SNA Noreen full time with us in the school.