Winter Fayre


We have a fund-raising event coming up next month, you are all invited. We would appreciate any help given, whether its on the day, or contributions to a stall or a raffle, food for the refreshments section etc. We would love to see you. 

Name : Winter Fayre

Date : Saturday 26th November 2016

Venue : the school grounds, with parking outside on the road

Time : 2 – 5pm

Admission : A small admission will be charges which will give a ticket for refreshments

Raffle : around 10 prizes

Tir na nÓg

We read the story of Oisin in Tir na nÓg. We learnt that Tir na nÓg is a mythical land where time moved slowly. Trees were always in bloom. Fairies lived in this land, they enjoyed playing instruments. We imagined what Tir na nÓg would look like and then all the children drew and then painted their ideas. (photos to come later)

Drawing competition

To tie in with the junior room’s study of electricity and dangers of it, the children created a poster depicting one of the ESB networks safety tips when around electricity outside. The children did a great job creating colourful posters. These will be entered in the competition which children from all over the country are participating in. (pictures to follow)

Marshmallow Toffee Krispies

On the 12th October we all got together and made two trays of marshmallow toffee krispies (the recipe is in the new recipe section which you will find the tab at the top of the blog). We had to be very carefully melting the ingredients before we added in the krispies as the mixture got very hot and gooey and we could have burnt ourselves if we didn’t take care. (recipe in new recipe section)

SPHE/ Art “Important Words no matter what the language”

We looked at the most important words in any language “Hello” “Goodbye” “ Please” “ Thank You”  “Welcome” and “Sorry”.  They are very important and if we use them all the time when we speak with other people it shows manners, compassion and remorse.

The pupils made posters just using these words but they can use the same word but in Spanish, Italian, German, French, English or Irish. They were given the words to use in the other languages so they didn’t have to research them. (pictures to follow)


Please        s’il vous plaít      bitte     por favour         per favour         le do thoil

English          French             German                  Spanish        Italian                Irish


Thank you       merci        danke        gracias       grazie           go raibh maith agat

English            French        German     Spanish      Italian         Irish