Our Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt

We always have an Easter egg hunt in the grounds of the school. We hide mini laminated pictures of eggs and the pupils have to find them.  Some are hidden really hard! Once they find their laminated egg they return to the classroom and can exchange it for a real chocolate egg, yummy!!!!!!!!




debate 1

We finished the term with two debates

  • Television is ruining society ( 3rd and 4th class)

  • Technology is ruining society (oldest pupils)

The pupils had to work hard on their debates, they were divided into two sides “for” and against”. They had time for research and in group discussion to decide “who” would talk about “what to talk about”.

Then they decided the order they would speak. Each pupil had 2-3 minutes to debate their point and then there were lively discussions after both debates.

The pupils have spent the last day or two questioning all the staff to get their side on the debates and getting into deep discussions with them. It has been great to see.

Thanks to all the staff that helped them with preparing the debate and to  those who helped with the adjudicating .

Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall

For Easter, the older pupils made little Humpty Dumpty Eggs sitting on individual walls. We made them from an egg and a mini Pringle box.


First we blew our eggs, this was quite difficult. Then we made the “wall”, by sticking black rectangles on a shaded rectangular piece of white paper.  We placed a black circle on the top of the box for the top of the wall.

After that we made our body, leg, feet and arms out of coloured paper. We added a little dickey-bow for effect. The last thing we did was to make the top hat. Then we added googly eyes and drew on a mouth.

They looked brilliant when they were all finished.



Country Projects


We started our country projects after Christmas and ten weeks later we are just finished.  The whole process has been a massive learning curve for the pupils. They have learnt how to research a topic, write up on it in their own words and then type up the information.


They, then had pictures to colour in and some even had their own pictures to draw. They had maps to colour in, flags to copy and many researched how to say hello and goodbye in their chosen topics.

After all the word was done, they pupils received a lot of help with the backing of their many project pieces, and learnt a lot about the importance of effective planning and layout.

The finished projects are stunning and definitely work a look at. They are of an extremely high standard and a credit to the pupils.